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The 2016 IEW Campus-wide Planning Committee

IEW is planned and implemented by many Tritons across campus! Students, staff and faculty collaborate to design and implement vibrant celebrations of the many ways international exchange and education contribute to the excellence of UC San Diego. 

Interested in collaborating to plan and implement a vibrant International Education Week?

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IEW Planning Committee Chair

  • Martin Lahtov, International Center

Overall Administration, Outreach, and Communications

  • Overall Committee Organization: Martin Lahtov
  • Finances: Greg Mallinger
  • Sponsorships: Martin Lahtov and Greg Mallinger
  • Venue Availability Tracking: Martin Lahtov
  • Website Calendar Updates, Lead: Melissa Chiong
  • General Website Updates Team: Melissa Chiong, Kati Gonsalves
  • Student Engagement: Lauren Hartig, Sara Vogel
  • Logo and print materials design: Jude Prashanth
  • Volunteer Pool Coordinator: Lovella Cacho
  • Marketing: Gwen Guzman, Joy Frye, Chad Baldwin

Large Scale Events

  • International Flag Parade with Opening Ceremony at the Town Square: Malou Amparo, Courtney Giordano, Martin Lahtov
  • Triton World Cup: Amira Noeuv
  • International Fashion Festival: Shawn Fore, Shawna Held
  • TEDxUCSD Conference: Jennifer Kim, Joy Frye, Melissa Chiong, Kati Gonsalves
  • Open Air Short Film Festival: Lead: Kati Gonsalves, Jo Peters, Madhvi Achayara, Roseanne Galegher
  • IEW Closing Ceremony: Martin Lahtov, Kati Gonlsalves

Other Events and Projects

  • Graduate Student Career Forum Committee Liaison: Graciela Casas-Silva
  • Programs Abroad Office Events: Jay Minert & Programs Abroad Office
  • Fulbright Invitational Event: Courtney Giordano, Martin Lahtov

Do you want to volunteer during IEW? 

General assistance needed for various events. Contact the Planning Committee.